Our Mission

Our Mission: Walking alongside broken people to complete restoration in Christ.

God has called First Baptist Church of Swannanoa to a specific and unique mission. This mission became apparent to us through prayer, study of the Word, analysis of the people of the church, and an analysis of the local community. Marking the vision are 3 numbers 140, 7, and 2025. These numbers will be explained below. To arrive at this vision has taken many months and countless hours of preparation. We pray that we will be faithful to fulfill the mission God has called us to.

140 – FBC Swannanoa was founded in 1885 so we will celebrate 140 years of our founding in the year 2025. We desire to reach 140 families with the gospel. This number has incredible meaning because it represents people that God loves and God desires to save that we have not even met yet. We are excited as the vision moves forward to meet, befriend, and have gospel conversations with these 140+ families. We desired to focus on families because we believe the entire family unit is affected when someone in the family receives Christ as their Savior.

7 – When we first began to realize that God was calling us to this vision was in 2018. At that time, we were 7 years away from 2025. The 7 has more meaning than just years though. In the strategy to reach 140 families, we realized that our passion and desire is to meet felt needs of people. Therefore, we want to be part of needs based ministries that either we start, that we already are doing, or that we partner with others to do. We already have a clothes closet that houses free clothes for those in the community that need them. We have a ministry called the Community Outreach Ministry that helps people with light construction especially building ramps. We have partnered with Mountain Area Pregnancy Services through fundraising for now, so that their ministry to those with unplanned pregnancies can continue. We desire to have a food pantry ministry, a job search or development ministry, a childcare center, and respite for care givers ministry to just name a few. These needs based ministries are not just to meet those needs but to introduce people to Jesus.

2025 – The year 2025 is significant because it is the 140th anniversary of the founding of FBC Swannanoa. We want to push toward that date as an opportunity to reach people for Jesus by meeting needs.
Our Mission statement for this vision is focused on helping people find complete restoration in Jesus as their savior. We realize that everyone, including ourselves, are broken and can only find peace, joy, and eternal security through Jesus. We desire to help all people, no matter where they are from, what they look like, their race, their background, their sin, to find and know the Savior. Then we want to walk alongside them in discipleship so that they might grow into discipling others. 

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